The main character in the series is Laura McBean, and because of her mischievous behaviour, in her younger years, was nicknamed Laura McNaughty. The stories are set in the 50s in England which was probably the last decade where kids could safely play outside and roam around to their hearts content.


Laura lives in the middle cottage of three, which used to be owned by British Railways, with her mother, her brother, Johnny, and their dog, Trudy. Her Nanny Conks lives in the first cottage, and “Neverin” (her Aunty Nancy) lives in the third.


Their garden backs onto Stokey's woods, and the beach is a fifteen minute walk through the woodland. A group of travellers live in the woods during the summer months, and Mr Stokes' house is situated in the woods as well. The empty railway buildings and platform are a stone's throw from the cottages; and the disused, and heavily overgrown, track is still in place all the way down to the village.


So come along and join Laura and her friends on their many adventures.